DUO Farfisa Video Intercom Systems 2 Wires Digital

Video Intercoms - Zhero Monitor DUO system from FARFISA Intercoms (Italy)

Farfisa have been manufacturing Intercom systems for over 50 Years. DUO system is their most modern concept for Access Control and Communications. This standalone system offers a durable and reliable intercom solution. Full proof design and quality materials guarantee a long life span and a system that can be easily serviced and maintained safeguarding a long-term solution and investment.

DUO system is based on a Digital 2 wire technology. DUO supports Audio and Video. One can connect up to 25 entrance stations, 4 concierge stations and an unlimited number of users, with multiple handsets/monitors in each dwelling; all made possible with the use of digital switches, distribution modules and the correct number of power supplies depending on number of users. The units are addressable and easy to program for intercommunication and other auxiliary services.  Simple Home Automation can be achieved with the use of digital relays to operate security lights, irrigation system, a secondary door release etc. The system is so flexible in design that it can accommodate even the most demanding requirements.
Both Audio and Video require only 2 wires (Non Polar). Cat6 is the recommended cable.

Italian in design all of the Farfisa models offer a clean cut, simple and modern finish. Door Entry stations range from entry level aluminium panels to top end Stainless Steel finishes. All of the entry stations have custom designed stainless steel rain shelters to protect them from the African elements. Handsets are discrete blending into the surrounds. Slim profile, hands-free monitors can be surface mounted or recessed for an ultra-modern style. With several different models to choose from each resident can select their internal units according to their own taste and budget.

The products, and the complete system, are supported from the beginning until the end. Farfisa believe in the continuation of their systems and ensure that parts are always available even for older installations. Their team of engineers is constantly looking for ways to improve current models and better the system performance while maintaining compatibility with older models. Raicom, the Farfisa Agent for Southern Africa, have been in partnership with Farfisa Italy for over 20 years. This successful relationship has resulted in excellent local product knowledge and technical expertise.

Duo System, the 2-wire digital video door entry system continues its evolution, thanks to the relentless efforts of R&D. The system offers a number of important innovations, including the significant increase in the number of users, greater integration and ease of installation. The Duo System has further enhanced its strengths; quick and easy assembly, and competitive performance and features. DUO SYSTEM is compatible with many internal and external station lines and with door keeper exchanger, too.

Among the available accessories, the technical development of the 2231 separator has allowed a major upgrade in the number of possible users, now up to 20,000. Duo System is now also a “pure” 2-wire system, thanks to the new SOLVO and AGORÀ push-button stations. As with all the other components which use this technology, power is delivered directly over the 2-wire bus, therefore making it possible to further optimise the assembly. Duo System is also the technological backbone of the myLogic Home Automation systems. The ever-increasing demand for enhanced performance has been met. The new modulator allows a level of integration with Video surveillance systems which until now was unimaginable. Thanks to FTDUO, the same is true for Telephony.












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