DUO Gateway IP


→ Duo System – IP interface

→ It brings the simplicity and convenience of the Duo System to smartphones

→ It manages calls and actuators remotely without any distance limit

The Duo System continues to evolve, and it is enriched by GW2IP, a small but powerful element with a high potential. The Farfisa project, which considerably enhances the performance of the entire system, is truly ambitious. The device we are introducing enables the video door entry system to integrate with all the other systems. Here it is the gateway, a revolutionary accessory which interfaces the Duo System with the IP world.

By connecting the Duo video door entry system to the GW2IP item, the user can forward calls on IP and receive them on a smartphone. Technically speaking, all calls to a specific address can be converted into VoIP calls. Various options are thus available: foremostly, the video door entry system can be managed through a smartphone and without any distance limit. Some of the possible applications include remote opening of the gate for a welcome guest when you’re not at home, time-based access control, and sending of an e-mail whenever certain programmed events occur. All these functions are also possible on existing Duo systems

Example diagram

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