Farfisa DUO Intercom system at Obs Court

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Farfisa DUO Intercom system for Obs Court

Obs Court is a university residence in the heart of the student district of Cape Town. This 9 story building houses over 300 student apartments. The intercom spec called for a stand alone intercom system with one audio handset in each apartment to communicate with a security personal at the ground floor control room. DUO system is perfectly suited for this application.

Raicom supplied a total of three hundred and ten EX352 handsets along with a PDX2000 master handset for the control room.  Most importantly, the system design allowed for an isolator module (2231Q) on each floor of the 9 story building therefore dividing the system into manageable maintenance blocks.

The EX352 handset and isolation modules were pre programmed at RAICOM head office in order to facilitate the installation. The neat work and skill competence of the Installers will ensure the long term operation and reliability of the intercom system.

This particular installation did not require a door station. However, DUO system is flexible in design and can operate over 20 entrance points on a single system.

Interfaces for Farfisa DUO Intercom system

The needs of our clients are changing rapidly as technology evolves. Therefore Farfisa has developed several interfaces to keep Farfisa DUO Intercom system up to date with the changing requirements.

The FTDUO telephone interface. Now you can use DUO system like a telephone dialler. Use an FTDUO device to connect your DUO system to telephone trunk line.

Bluetooth Programmer and Android App for smartphone. Now you can program DUO system directly from your smartphone. Download the android app for Farfisa intercoms to get started. Then link it up to a DUO Bluetooth programming device.

GW2IP Gateway to IP module will interface your DUO system with your IP devices.

If your company is involved in a similar type of project please feel free to contact us for a free consultation about Farfisa DUO Intercom System.

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