How does DUO perform over long distances?

Posted by on January 31, 2020 | Comments Off on How does DUO perform over long distances?

At a prestigious site in the Constantia Wine Valley DUO has been put to the test.

The project: an audio system with switchboard and several external door station units fitted with access control keypads, essentially a rather simple installation, with very few elements, but an important technical difficulty – cable runs exceeding 600m.

In theory DUO is designed to operate over a maximum cable run of 1000m for audio only. In this project several long cable runs exceeding 600m resulted in more than 1000m of total cable run.

strategic placement of additional power supplies enabled DUO system to cope with extra distances without suffering any voltage drops at crucial points.

Future expansion is ongoing at this site with several more door stations to be added during 2020.