Farfisa Analogue Intercom Systems

Farfisa Analogue Intercom Systems

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Reduced Wiring

  • Twisted Pair technology
  • Audio 1+n
  • Video 4 +1

Conventional Wiring

  • Video over Coaxial Cable
  • Audio 4 +1
  • Video 7 +1

The most conventional type of intercom system that is used for basic applications such as a One to One intercom system as well as more complex installation with multiple entrances and internal stations. Farfisa analogue intercom systems are also an economical solution for multi-call apartment systems

To guarantee the best solution please fill in and submit our Planning Worksheet when requesting a quote.


  • Affordable solutions
  • Multiple door stations
  • Multiple handsets with intercommunication
  • Expansion possibilities
  • Audio & Video
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Video over COAX
  • Video over Twisted Pair (See REDUCED WIRE)
  • Cable: Telkom Twisted Pair AWG22
  • Max distance 200m


Distribution boards

Don’t be put off by too many cables. Let our technicians build up a distribution board for your system with power supplies, intercommunication modules, relays etc. All the internal wiring is done on the board. All the outputs for door station, handsets and door release are all clearly labelled on the board for a Plug and Play installation.

Farfisa Analogue Intercom systems Main Baord

Farfisa Analogue Intercom systems Main Baord

Door Stations – Current Models

Profilo (Audio & Video)

Mody (Audio only)

Matrix (Audio only)

UP (Audio only)

Handsets – Current Models

Exhito (Handset and Monitor)

Studio (Handset)