PABX with door intercom

PABX with door intercom


FT208ACI Farfisa Fartel mini PABX designed for  homes and small business. This tried and tested versatile PABX designed by engineers with intercoms in mind, has proved to be a valuable asset in many homes and business.

Ideal  for home office, where  one trunk line  can be used for the office and the other trunk line  for the house. Multiple intercom door stations can be added to the system with a maximum of 2 buttons. one button can be used to call the office  and the other button can be used to call the house



  • 2 external lines and 8 internal lines
  • Multiple door stations  with a maximum of 2 buttons
  • Extensions can be partitioned between 2 door station call buttons and 2 trunk lines
  • Each extension is individually programmed, features include call baring, call exclusion, relay activation etc.
  • Up to 4 relays for door release, opening of driveway gates, security lights, switching on and off irrigation system etc.
  • Direct inward system access (DISA) function allows external caller to dial preferred extensions.
  • Room listening  function eg. baby monitoring
  • Relays can be activated remotely by using the DISA function.
  • Digital music on hold and external port for your preferred music on hold.
  • Public Address Amplifier 600 Ohm output with pre-announcement tone accessible from all extensions.
  • Optional surge protection devices (highly recommended)