IP Intercoms

MIP-8000 IP Network Intercoms

MIP 8000 is a IP Network Intercom System for Audio & Video solutions. Suitable for the following applications; Schools, Hospitals, Industrial and financial institution, Parking areas, Emergency Evacuation etc. 

MIP network intercom system consists of management software, Master monitoring unit with paging microphone and Sub station intercom terminal for installation in the field. The system adopts TCP/IP protocol, the system is built and based on the Ethernet standards.
 Server software: For managing all the intercom terminals, the server software must always open for the system running.
 Master Paging microphone: Intercom host, generally installed in the control centRE for intercom, broadcasting, monitoring.
 Sub Station Intercom terminal: Intercom substation, for indoor or outdoor use, for communication with the control centre, broadcast receiving


10” LCD color touch screen, Paging microphone and handset
Industry-grade high speed chip set        
Call transfer; busy transfer; missed call reminder
Can broadcast to both equative paging microphone and all sub terminals.
Built-in speaker allows bidirectional intercom
Monitoring / surveillance of all sub terminals.
2 Normally Open contacts to control aux. devices, e.g. alarm light, door etc.
RJ45 Ethernet connection.

MIP 8000 SUB

IP Intercom sub station is designed to call master intercom, receive calls from master and receive broadcasted messages from master
Made from Stainless steel it is durable, surface-mounted or flush-mounted with 1 call button (2 buttons available on request)
Split-type design avoids the exposure of network cables, ensuring the network security of the site.
Built-in Speaker, microphone and camera (optional).
Normally Open contact to control aux. device for example Alarm light, Sound bomb etc.
RJ45 Ethernet connection