IP Intercoms

IP Intercoms

VoIP Emergency & Industrial Intercoms

VoIP Emergency & Industrial Telephone. SIP Based IP Intercom. Calls & Broadcasts managed via IP PBX and SIP Server settings.

Integrated PA And Intercom

In a modern plant, a multiplicity of different types of communication systems is encountered e.g. Intercom System, EPABX System, Public Address System, Security System, Data communication networks, Fire alarm system etc.

Often such systems are deployed in stand-alone manner and can not be integrated, which leads to

• Sub optimal usage (limited use)
• Increased hardware & maintenance
• Multiple user instrument at a common location
• Limited expansion
• Inflexibility to cope with changing configuration, needs and industrial dynamics

Integrated PA and Intercom System is designed to offer the following   

Expanding architecture
• Custom configured
• Integrated system to meet the requirement of intercom, EPABX, hotline, PA System, Paging / loud speaking
• Multiple page / party communication channels
• Point to point or Point to Multi point and Master/Slave configuration 
• Multi point, multiple control desks for a large integrated plant
• Interface to P&T, Radio lines, Data networks etc.
• State of the art and futuristic technology–Fully Digital PCM/TDM
• Transparent Networking

Single Call IP Intercom sub station

Keypad IP Intercom sub station
VoIP Emergency & Industrial Telephone
VoIP Emergency & Industrial Telephone


VoIP Emergency & Industrial Telephone RC100 series are fully enclosed inside a corrosion resistant cast aluminium weatherproof case. The case provides total protection against dust and moisture ingress. The result is a highly reliable product with a long MTBF.

The unique robust handset is manufactured from molded Bulk Molding Compound. VoIP Emergency & Industrial Telephone is designed specifically to withstand heavy use in all environments. The armored cord provides additional resistance to vandalism or heavy industrial use.


RC100 series telephones are designed for use in the following applications; FIRE Evacuation, Elevators, Public Transport Terminals, Prison Visitation, Industrial Factories, Airport, Public Help Systems, Hospitals, Mines, Chemical Plants, Power Stations, the armed services and heavy industries which require very reliable telephony under adverse conditions.

Calls and broadcasts are managed via an IP PBX and SIP server. RC series intercoms are compatible with Grandstream IP PBX amongst other major brands

Hotline Vandal Resistant Telephone is designed to meet the needs of clients who experience loss through vandalism. Ideal for parking lots, prisons, railway/metro platforms, hospitals, police stations, ATM machines, stadiums, outside building etc.

Housed in cold rolled steel box and manufactured to a high standard. VoIP Emergency & Industrial Telephone offer increased resistance to vandalism, thereby ensuring that the primary function of communications is maintained at all times.

VoIP Emergency & Industrial Telephone
VoIP Emergency & Industrial Telephone